Chat window does not appear on the website. Exact steps how to make it work.
- Check your webpage if the chatwindow has appeared.
Remove the copyright notice Powered by
2) open settings
Step-by-step guidance how to change User Name and Operator Name for chatbox in Live Chat.
- Save/Update.
Integration methods for better work of Live Chat. 
- 'Integration method' and select 'external' or 'internal';
Hints how to solve "Error connecting to server".
1) check if you use any security plugin on your WordPress website. If yes, switch it off and try to use the Chat;
Initiate chat with website customers in Live Chat
and specify the seconds on expiration of which the chat window will automatically pop-up on the bottom of the website. 
Text Change in Live Chat 
4) Save Changes 
Mobile Chat Apps for IOS and Android
in Google Play market or Applestore. 
White-list Live Chat host to 'mod_security' for an appropriate work of chat
The Live Chat admin panel returns a notification that I use ModSecurity service and have to white-list your site. How can I do it?
Live Chat extension for Chrome browser and desktop notifications