Initiate chat with website customers in Live Chat
There are two methods how to do it. 
Text Change in Live Chat 
3) Find the setting "Chat texts" and "Hello" message. Type the text you need. 
Mobile Chat Apps for IOS and Android
Or click on 'Google Play' or 'App Store' in your admin area at
White-list Live Chat host to 'mod_security' for an appropriate work of chat
The Live Chat admin panel returns a notification that I use ModSecurity service and have to white-list your site. How can I do it?
Live Chat extension for Chrome browser and desktop notifications
 Here is the video guidance how to find and add chat extension to your browser 
Setup particular operator for specific website 
Yes, it is possible to setup a particular chat operator for a particular website. Follow the guidance below: 
Setup Chatbox position (right / left) from Chat plugin in Wordpress dashboard
- Login into Wordpress dashboard of your website; 
Setup Live Chatbox width from Wordpress dashboard 
I would like to make my chatbox wider. Is it possible? 
Setup Chat Status Indicator in Live Chat 
It is possible to setup chat status indicator that will be shown in your chatbox. 
Delete chats from Archive in Live Chat
Open 'Archive';
Delete account / operator / admin in Live Chat
in front of the user you want to delete
Live Chat Texts. Change of Name title in chatbox
type another name of this field. In our example it is 'Your Full Name'.
Change Live Chat Offline text to show on chatbox
Type the text for the field "Offline thank" message;