Chat Triggers

Chat Trigger
is an awesome way to automate messages and send answers to a visitor’s questions in chatbox automatically.

Free Live Chat version allows to create only one Trigger with one automated message, while Live Chat PRO plugin version allows to create unlimited number of canned responses, call of operators (app and appoint particular operator) automatically, and both.  Thus you can foresee visitor’s questions and create automated answers for every occasion.

Follow the steps below to configure Chat Triggers:

1. Give a name to the Trigger;live chat

2.Distinguish some key info about the Trigger;live chat

3.Type words, roots of words, word-combinations, separated by coma, taking into account which, the trigger should work out.
If a trigger finds at least one corresponding word in Messages, HTML file or URL address (depending what you select) then the trigger will perform a selected chat

3.1. Case sensitive search. If you tick “Case sensitive search” then the trigger will take into account words, written in uppercase and lowercase letters. For example, if you type all words in small letters like “condo, apartment, rent, new york”, however, a visitor writes “New York” with uppercase letters, then the trigger will not perform an action.

3.2. Match whole word only. If you (chat admin) want the trigger to work out using all specified words only or using a particular sentence, then check “Match whole word only”. The trigger will work out only if was found full words / sentence identity.
For example, if you (chat admin) specify the following words for a trigger: “condo, apartment, rent, new york,  Manhattan”, the trigger will work out only if a visitor writes the same string to you. In this case, it is better to type particular sentences or questions, that anyone can write. You can write the most commonly asked questions.  For instance, if you foresee that someone can ask: “Do you rent condos in Manhattan?”, and a visitor will write this very question in chatbox, then the trigger will send automated answer, prepared specially as an answer for this question. If at least one word is missed, then the trigger will not perform necessary action.

live chat

4.Select where exactly on your page, the trigger should search for corresponding words to be able to sent an automated message or call an operator, in case the one was found.
Trigger can search in Messages, HTML document or in URL chat plugin

5.”Search in all messages”. This field will appear if you “Messages”. If you check this box, then the trigger will search corresponding words, etc in all incoming messages and in case they are found, the trigger will perform further selected chat for website

6.Select an action to perform, if the trigger has found corresponding words, roots of words, word-combinations or sentences in selected area of your webpage.
– Trigger can send an automated message, the one you create by yourself.Live chatWhen the message is created, click “Add” to add the trigger.Live Chat

– Trigger can call an operator. You can decide either you want to direct message to all operators or to a particular one. If you decide to call an operator, then the visitor’s message will be delivered directly to the chosen operator.

Live Chat

Trigger can do both, send message and call operator. In this case, the visitor will get a canned response and at the same time chat operator will be ready to accept the chat.

automated messages

7. After all settings, click on “Add”

8. Move to the first table. Click on the website, to which you want to add the Trigger.
chat triggers

9. Move to the second table to select what exact trigger you want to activate for your website. Click on slider to change status (activate or deactivate the trigger). You can create and use unlimited number of triggers with different settings for one website at a time. This function will allow you to create all possible canned answers to all possible questions and ease your job.