Customize Live Chat Interface colors from wordpress panel 

Is it possible to change the default chatbox colors into the ones I want?

Live Chat provides a wide spectrum of colors to make the chatbox match any website design.

In this tutorial, you will see how to change chatbox colours from wp dashboard. Also read How to change chatbox colours in Live Chat plugin from

Login at your wp site dashboard–move to Chat– open Chat interface settings;

1) Customize the ‘Title panel background color’ 

Webshop chat

2)  Customize the ‘Finish button background color’

Live Chat for online-store

3) Customize the ‘Finish button color’ 

Online chat for online-store

4) Customize the ‘Finish button border color’

Live Chat for website

5) Customize the ‘Expand button background color’

Live Chat for webshop

6)  Customize the ‘Chat border color’

Online Chat for wordpress

7) Customize the ‘Message panel background color’

Online Chat for wordpress

8) Customize the ‘Admin signature color’

Customer Support plugin

9) Customize the ‘Admin text color’

Customer Support plugin

10) Customize the ‘User signature colour’

Live Chat

11) Customize the ‘User text color’

Online Chat

12) Customize the ‘Message time color’

Customer Support

13) Customize the ‘Message border color’

Chatbox for website

14) Customize the ‘Message panel background color’

Online Chat for wordpress

15) Customize the ‘Write area background color

Chat widget for site

16) Customize the ‘Write area color’

Chat window for site