How messages are spread between operators in Live Chat PRO version?

Can I have 2 operators answering texts from one site? How messages are spread between operators in PRO version?

Live Chat allows to add as much Chat Operators as you need for each website.

First of all, it is important to emphasis that Admin should give access permissions for each added user.

To make it possible open Operators tab–>Click on Edit sign in front of user

Chat operator for Live CHat

Admin can edit user and give him access permissions, either Admin or Chat operator, as well as allow/ban access to specific sites, allow number of simultaneous chats and priority messages. This function can be very useful for big companies with a number of chat operators. It will help to avoid confusion in operators’ work as well as Admin can monitor operators’ performance.

In Live Chat PRO version the chats are spread by turn between all users, BUT

  • Admin can setup the number of simultaneous chats for each particular operator. If the message was not answered by one operator and he left the chatroom, this message can be answered by another operator.
  • Admin can setup the priority of incoming messages for each operator. More messages will go to that operator, who has higher priority.  If the priority is equal, the messages will be spread by turn among operators.

One more way configure number of simultaneous chats, allowance to site and priority messages:

– login into admin area at and click on ‘Operators’

Live Chat operators

1. Select ‘Yes’ to allow necessary operator to carry correspondence with the website visitors.

2. Setup the number of simultaneous chats for each operator. The bigger the number, the more messages operator will get.

3. Setup priority of incoming messages. The higher the priority, the more messages will go to operator.

Chat operators for website