How to add Chat Operator in Live Chat?

How many chat operator can I use? How to add Chat Operator?

You can use unlimited number of chat operators.

Follow the hints to add chat operator.

1) In order to add chat operator login into your admin area at

Live Chat admin panel

2) Once you are in your admin area, open ‘Operators’ tab;

3) In opened area there will be a list of users. In order to create new chat operator click on ‘Add user’.

Live Chat operators

4) In opened form you have to fill the fields with information: name that will be shown for Admin in admin area, email and pass that will be used for Chat Operator to login.

Access Permissions, ‘Chat Operator’ role is available in PRO.

After all the necessary fields are filled up, save changes

5) After that the newly added chat Operator will appear in User list. Admin can enable and disable chat operators, as well as edit and delete;

6) In order to let the Chat Operator to chat with website visitors, login at using email and pass created by Admin

7) Once Chat Operator is logged in, he/she is able to chat. Open ‘Online Chat’ to view and answer the messages.

P.S. In free Live Chat the chats between operator are spread not equally.