How to delete chats from mobile wp chat app?

I use wp chat app on Iphone. How to remove the chat on mobile device?

  1. If you want to delete messages from Active Chats in your wp chat mobile app on iphone, you just have to finish the active chat and it will be moved to Archive:
    – open Active chats area at your mobile wp chat app;
    – tap on the screen on the necessary chat icon to highlight it (you will see a check mark on the chat);chat app for smartphone

    – tap on Edit in the right up corner of the wp chat app;

    wp chat app for smartphone

    – then tap on Finish. After that the chat will move to the Archive folder.

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  2. If you want to delete chats from Archive, you can do it in PRO plugin version.
    – Open Archive in your wp chat app;
    – Tap on the necessary chat and on Edit on the right up corner of the app;
    chat app for iphone – Delete selected chat;

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    You can also delete multiple chats.

    -tap as many chats as you want to delete and press Delete button on the right up corner of the wp chat app

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