How to setup Operator’s signature / name for chatbox in Live Chat?

Is it possible to set the name of the chat agents? How can we set the agent’s name to their own names?

Live Chat PRO version supports the feature called “Operator signature”. It means that Admin can give his Chat Operators names that will be  displayed in chat window during the communication with the website visitor.

In order to set the name for Chat Operator, please follow the steps below:

1) Open in your browser, type your login and password that you entered when registered and activated chat plugin

Live Chat

2) In your admin area click on ‘Operators’ tab to get into users’ list

3) In front of Chat Operator that you want to set the name click ‘Edit’ 

Chat operator for Live CHat

4) In opened editing form find the feature ‘Operator signature’ and in its filed type the name / full name you want and save change

5) After that instead of default admin / operator signature in chat window there will be displayed Chat Operator’s name who carry current correspondence

Chat operator for website