Integration methods for better work of Live Chat

What is ‘integration method’ in live chat and how it works?

Live Chat supports external and internal integration methods.

If you set the chat into External method the chatbox loads from wp-chat server. Because of only 1 connection created, the messages are delivered immediately.

If you set the chatbox into Internal method the chatbox loads from your own website and the system checks for messages once in several seconds and this fact may influence the message delivery speed.


Integration methods work  individually for every user.


Cases when, first of all, you have to change integration method:

– chatbox does not appear on the website when the chat status is online or looks broken;

– messages are not delivered at all or some of them are missed;

– sound notification does not work when the new message comes; 

– connection errors like “Connection failed” or “Error connecting to server”

– problems with the delivery of email notifications.

Guidance how to change Integration method:

– Open ‘Chat’ in your WordPress website Dashboard;

– Find ‘Advanced settings’;

– ‘Integration method’ and select ‘external’ or ‘internal’;

– Save changes.

If none of the integration methods work for you, contact us for further support.

P.S. These issues can be also linked to your hosting / server work or to any security plugins.