Live Chatbox Style, Effects, Chat-bubbles

Live Chat PRO allows to configure chatbox style and use various chat bubbles for your chatbox to attract more customers. If you like something unique, bright and juicy you are welcome to enjoy Live Chat Bubbles. You can select type of minimized widget style ( round or rectangular) and add awesome bubble. Also you can configure chat bubble effect (heartbeat, pulse, ring).

Create chat window of your dream

live chat tool for site

Make your chat widget look attractive, friendly, catchy, eye-candy.

You can easily create your own chatbox design from your account at
live chat wordpress

Open Widget settings area

Live Chat app

  1. In Style, except standard configurations of chatbox size (width and height), position, you can select chatbox type:

1. rectangular minimized chatbox

rectangular chatbox


2. round minimized chatbox

live chat

  • Change size. You can also setup appropriate size for minimized round chatbox

live chat

  •  Manage chatbox radius. Thus you can round off angles of rectangular chatbox to make it look more elegant.

live chat plugin


online chat plugin

2. In Effects you can:

  • decide if to show/hide chatbox bubble,
  • choose effect (ringing, heartbeat, pulsation) and apply it either to bubble, or chatbox or both.

live chat plugin

  •  Hide chatbox bar and show only cute chat-bubble, if the combination of chat-bar  and chat-bubble looks too much

stylish chat plugin

  •  Move chat-bubble to put it at appropriate place within the specified framework in chatbox preview.
  • Select your website background to preview the way the chat-bubble will look like on itchat plugin for website

After you complete all settings, remember to Save and activate to apply the changes