Messages are not sent through live chat in Firefox private tab

I am testing the Live Chat from Firefox browser, using private window. However  I cannot send the message, it just sits in the field where I enter it. Why?

Each web browser, including Firefox can track and save any kind of information in its history during the time when you use the browser. However, using the Private Window in Firefox browser makes it possible to restrict the browser from saving some kind of data.

Concerning the work of Live Chat in Mozilla Firefox  browser in “private mode”, then it does not save data about your connection to the server. You can see it at this image.

live chat

This is the reason why you can’t send messages through the Live Chat window  from the website when you use private tab in mozilla firefox browser.

Firefox does not save the following data if you surf the web using Private Window:

  • history: none of the pages visited during the private mode will be saved neither in your Firefox browser history, nor in Awesome bar;
  • passwords: none of the newly created passcodes will be saved;
  • cookies: actually cookie keeps the following data about the website that you visit: login status, website preferences, information used by plugins. If you use private mode, then cookies will temporary kept in memory until you close the last webpage in private mode session.
  • temporary files, that is cached files;
  • searches: none of the words that you used in your search, that you type in a search box, will be used in the future for automatic form complete.
  • downloads: if you download anything during the private mode session, these files will not be listed in your download list even if you move to the standard browser mode.

Moreover owing to the feature of Tracking Protection, it becomes impossible for companies to track your browser history.  If you search anything through the private browsing, other people who use  your computer and browser will never know which websites have you visited earlier, because the browser will not save this data in its history list.

However, please note that using only Private Window in your browser, does not guarantee any anonymous in the web, to be more clear it means that the websites, your internet provider will still be able to track the pages you browse.

How to open Private Window in Firefox?

There exists 2 ways to perform search from private window in mozilla browser.

  1. Open Firefox browser and open browser menu clicking at the sign in the right up corner and navigate to New Private Window;

2. While searching the web, when you want to open needed page in private mode, just make a right-click on it and select Open Link in New Private Window like in the screenshot below

When you use the private mode in Firefox, you will see a purple mask. This is how to distinct standard browsing from the private one. 

Is it possible to use private mode by default in Firefox?

If you want to prevent Firefox from saving the history of your browsing do the following:

  1. Open browser menu that is in the right up corner of the browser window – move to the Preferences-navigate to Privacy&Security and select Never remember history. After that Firefox will not save any history about your searches, however your browser will not have that purple mask that indicated about the private mode. Moreover,  in this case there will be no issues with the messages delivery through the Live Chat.