Typing indicator in Live Chat

Is there a way to enable the feature to show our customers that we are typing?

Yes, you can enable this feature and create your own text of typing indicator. This feature will help both sides, chat operator and customers, to be aware of presence in chat and not  to leave chat unreasonably.
Follow the steps below:
1) login at your account wp-chat.com

2) move to Widget setting for necessary website

3) In Style tab find the feature Show typing indicator and select Yes

chat for website

4) By default the typing indicator text is “typing”, however you can change it to the one you wish.

To make it possible, move to the Text tab and type any line to display for customers when operator is typing, for example, Agent is typing

chat for website


chat for website

5) Save and activate your changes

This is how it looks like at website

chatbox for website

Moreover, typing indicator work for both ends for customers and chat operator, as the last one can see in their chatroom wp-chat.com customers message before it was sent. This is the way it looks like:
1) The customer has not sent a message yet

online consultant

2) chat operator can see all the words the customer is typing in the chatbox before sending

online consultant for site